2008 Terry Fox Run – Part II

On Sepember 14th, three little buddies, two other “adults” and I brought up the caboose at our local edition of the Terry Fox Run. It was the first time the three little buddies had ever participated in the Terry Fox Run, and it was a special experience to be there with them. I feel fortunate to have been there at a rite of passage that will hopefully continue each year. With its beginning, and continuation I hope the event will serve as a reminder and encouragement to stay involved in the campaign to find a cure for cancer, and also inspire them to be active physically and active in their community.

We walked five kilometres (well some were pushed, and at times others carried) without being rushed, but knowing we were going to get it done. I am thankful to M, C, S, C & M for a great walk. It was a busy and fun-filled weekend with many events, but Sunday mornings was the most important.

This week, many school children across Canada will be participating in their school’s edition of the Terry Fox Run. If you have a young relative in your family, or a student in your neighbourhood, please consider pledging them in this event. Any amount helps, and every person who shows their support sends the message to our youth that this is a cause worth carrying forward, and a hero never to forget.


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