Quotes of the Summer

“Whatever!!” <eye roll>D & M

“He still has some work to do on this putt.” – E

“mmm… chocolate milk” – M

“I didn’t have dinner.” – C

“That was a big splash.” – J

“I got more records than the KGB.” – ubiquitous

“I give that down the stairs table roll a 9.5, degree of difficulty 2.5.” – A or E or a combination

“You should see her tattoo.” – G

“Olympic beach volleyball players: Saving the world in bikinis, one beach at a time.” – IR

“IR will eat it.” – C or D

“I can’t take you seriously with your hand like that.”  – C

and my favourite so far, from a 3 year old: “But you don’t never go to work.”

Feel free to add some of yours in the comments.


3 thoughts on “Quotes of the Summer

  1. Oh, also – I’ve dropped this line a decent ammount this summer: “I’m going to need a rug that really ties the room together.” But, I’m not sure how many people get where it’s from.

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