Halfway Through Intentions

So, six months have passed since I launched out at trying to be intentional about specific aspects in my friends’ lives. At some point in the future I will write about the rationale, the details, and the successes and setbacks of it. I just wanted to post right now as a way to hold myself accountable about this process of intentionality I started. By writing about it here, it is published to the world, no hiding. And while I often keep details to myself (and you point out: “you’re keeping details murky here as well”), there’s no hiding that I’ve got something afoot once it’s printed here.

A bit of the rationale: making relationships stronger… helping people pursue joy, and adventure… learning more about each other… showing friends who we really want to be…

If you have questions: please ask. If we spoke about this back in February, then you should be expecting a check-in, don’t be afraid to ask about it. Further, it is more than acceptable if pursuits have changed, that is an anticipated part of this process. Life wouldn’t be life without change, and there certainly wouldn’t be any excitement. If you want to be involved, by all means, as usual, this is all inclusive, no exclusions, all welcome: call, email, speak: whatever.

As a closing note right now: I am beyond fortunate to know so many diverse, amazing and caring people – if you’re reading here, chances are you’re one of them. Good on ya.

We’ll talk more about this soon no doubt – A bientôt,


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