August Adventures

Adventures can take place without having to travel. Many worthwhile, and even necessary adventures keep people in physical places they consider local, or home. These “local” adventures should never be discounted or regarded as second rate. One of the primary purposes of adventure is to learn about one’s self, and one doesn’t need to always be off on travels to do that.

However, travel doesn’t hurt, and there’s a lot to learn both from taking the show on the road, both about the world and about one’s self. A lot of great learning and adventuring takes place away from home. So, while heeding some previous lessons of adventure, including some from last summer, it is off adventuring. This one will have some old travels, as well as some new to it, and it’s been calling for a couple of months now. Here’s hoping you get off the computer and up to an adventure. You don’t have to leave home. A new project, books, relationships, pursuing joy, sharing experiences, hobbies, goals, education, reflection, these are all adventures – ones that we can all spend more time on. Perhaps when I get back I’ll have lots of new photos or I’ll get back to that series on success. It can all wait – I’m sure you won’t mind.

A plus,


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