House Hippo

This is an awesome commercial. Do you notice these little guys in your house? If not, it’s probably due to peanut butter being scarce. They’re actually quite friendly.

I first noticed this commercial a few years ago when it was played continuously during le Tour de France. It was brought back again this year, and again played continuously. (Seems like Bowflex, Cervelo, and the Concerned Children’s Advertisers are the only ones who buy ad time from OLN during the Tour). It is very well done, and I can still recall vividly the first time I was watching it, and thought: “What is going on?” Do you ask questions about what you watch, read or hear? (Especially if you read this blog).


2 thoughts on “House Hippo

  1. Would you watch a house hippo documentary for a long time (like more than ten minutes) before you began to question it?

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