2008 BC SuperWeek

The 2008 edition of the BC Cycling SuperWeek concluded today with ProTour rider Chris Horner, of Astana, finally getting the victory he deserved. Since arriving for Gastown on Wednesday, and competing in the Giro di Burnaby and Tour de White Rock, Horner has been a one man team up against the well oiled train that is the Symmetrics cycling. Up until today, Andrew Pinfold of Symmetrics had dominated SuperWeek. Rightly so though, as he is a good sprinter whom was put into perfect positions by his team in each criterium. It was nice to see Horner get the win today though. We are fortunate to have a current ProTour rider visit for these events – it’s quite unheard of and will probably never happen again.

If you were didn’t catch any of SuperWeek this year, you really missed out. This really is excellent cycling, and we were treated to some great races due to the high profile riders here this year. If you are ever at all interested in seeing a supercharged sport with amazing athletes, then don’t miss out next year. Hopefully we’ll see at least some of the caliber back that we saw this year.

Some of my photos are on the left there. For some great shots taken by a friend, of the White Rock criteruim, click here.


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