Emergency Rain Poncho

Continuing into the third year of Être ou Avoir with some lighter material, as some people have requested at times.

It seems I’m uncovering quite a few rain ponchos recently: car care kits, camping storage, first aid kits, stuffed in a closet. Now, I have used a poncho in my time, not an emergency one mind you, but I don’t remember complaining about its effectiveness. However, I have also never made the choice to use it again, even though it has obviously been an option. So, it seems we are left with a few questions. With what appear to be so many ponchos out there, do they actually get used a lot? Do they just sit in car trunks and closets because most of us remember to bring real rain jackets or umbrellas? Why are the people pictured on the packages nearly always smiling? Does a poncho make you happier in an emergency? How do we feel about disposable plastic ponchos in this day in age? Why am I blogging about this? Do other people have ease of access to as many ponchos as I seem to.

Admittedly I am aware that water next to your skin causes you to loose heat faster. In an emergency, which usually happen unexpectedly so maybe you didn’t bring your rain jacket, they probably do keep water off most of your skin (until you sweat because of poor ventilation). Perhaps then, there is some value. Apparently I’ve got one in my car just in case.


One thought on “Emergency Rain Poncho

  1. I wonder why poncho manufacturers feel the need to market their products as being useful in the event of an “emergency”. And what exactly would the “emergency” be? Are there non-emergency ponchos that lose out?

    I seem to remember opening and closing ceremonies of various events using the poncho for aesthetic reasons to create colour blocks in a large audience – if you were an audience member at one of these events, would you keep the poncho as a souvenir? Actually, I don’t think I would have to look to hard for a commemorate Expo ’86 poncho featuring Expo Ernie.

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