Keyboard Airline

Keyboard Airline

Originally uploaded by irober.

Somehow, in the span of just 24 days, this photograph became the second most viewed shot in my photostream. As of this posting it has been viewed 130 times. I took it on the evening of June 11 when I was just practicing with my camera. I liked how the blues turned out, both on the plane and the keyboard. It captured a bit of my procrastination, as I actually took about a dozen or so shots of this little plastic plane. It is a rather old toy, and comes from Air Canada. The shot also highlights two of the tools I use to travel.

In the end, thought it was kind of cool, especially how the blues matched up without any initial planning. so I posted it. I had no idea it would attract as many views as it did. Not that it’s a bad photo, but I think I’ve taken better ones? Or have I? Any thoughts – either on what you think of the photo, why it might get clicked on, or anything for that matter – are welcome.

Who knew procrastination could have turned out so well? Then again, maybe it wasn’t a waste of time. Practice with the camera, capturing something myself and others seem to like, and providing content for the blog – sounds like time well spent.


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