Second Anniversary Stats

Yesterday marked the second anniversary of this venture. Two years ago I cobbled together a first post and we got this ball rolling. The third year of Être ou Avoir is now upon us, but we still need to close out the second and properly transition. As mentioned a couple of posts ago, I’ve been living life lately, so blogging hasn’t been the top priority – nor should it ever be. I’m sure you won’t mind that I was not as consistent in my anniversary celebrations as I was last year at this time. Still, we all like a bit of a celebration, so I’ll try to do some regular postings – as promised – and we’ll just use them to kick off the third year, rather than say good-bye to the second.

I am a bit of a geek for stats, lists, and rankings. Perhaps this is a hold-over from following sports. Some might find my interest with numbers and sound-byte facts as contrary to what appears to be a more subjective nature. I would like to think there is a place for both facts and stats, as well as formative reflection. Quite plainly, they can also be a bit of fun. Fun is allowed in balance – but more on that another time. Thus, some sumative information that I hope we drift far from in the next postings. Drifting is allowed when trying to balance.

Snapshots from the 2nd year!

-2,845 page views (5,634 all time).
-post viewed* the most often: Sia at the Media Club (Oct 30, 2007). At 99 views, this is the most viewed post all time as well. * This means viewed on its own page the most often. Other posts may actually have been read more if they are read from the main page, and not clicked on, found in searches, or linked to specifically (as was likely the case with this post).
-busiest day: Friday June 29, 2007. One year ago today, there were 108 page views as people read the One Year Thank You. (This post is probably the “most read” post then).
-most read page: Currently reading, listening & watching: 138 views all time.
-slowest day: Sunday May 11, 2008. The only day ever to have zero page views – Mothers’ Day.
-most comments by one person this year: The Necromancer, with 4.
-most comments all time: Andrea, with 8! She also has delivered the most feedback about the blog itself – calling for more exclamation marks! 🙂
-108 photos fed on the left from flickr.
-23 times this year (37 all time) people found this blog by typing “dong dong ju” into Google or some other search engine, making it the most popular way people have stumbled here. “dongdongju” was also used 13 times.
-longest search engine term used to find this blog: “2008 international bocce championship ta”
-post that generated the most “connectedness” – Autism The Musical. This post generated a comment from the filmmaker herself, people found my blog when searching for the film, it links to the film’s sight, and one commenter used the post as a lobby point. We’ll finish with this point, a subjective one.

It is still interesting to consider that this little hide away on the world wide web gets that many views. Sure enough, popular blogs get thousands of views each hour, but there is something to be said I think for a consistent level of page views for the second year in a row. The thank you for this goes to you. I am appreciative of your engagement in this conversation, and I’ll express it more as the week goes on. Perhaps we’ll also figure out this consistnency, or some of the meaning behind the other trends on this blog. Or perahps not. Either way is acceptable here.

Thanks for reading – hope to hear from you soon.


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