Nine O’Clock Gun

This being the second in a series of regular postings.

On Thursday evening I was walking with a friend when I heard a low thud resonate. Our conversation was elsewhere, and there was no instinctive alarm to the sound, so I didn’t initially consider the source. Three paces later though, instincts did kick in. I glanced at my watch without even considering why. It read 9:00:35. Then I realized, that for the first time in a good while, I had heard the nine o’clock gun.

As alluded to yesterday, there’s a few things on the go right now. At times like these the old subtleties can catch us unaware, but at just the right time. People that we care about may be in unbalanced states, and we might be wondering where we fit into the balance of things – trying to help set things square. Perhaps it is comforting to consider that we just have to be who we always were, and just act the way we always would have, and that’s the best support we can offer. It is interesting that a tradition of unknown origin can serve as a reassurance of perseverance, and continuity. It isn’t always heard, but it is always there – like so many factors, be it balancing or unbalancing ones, in our lives.

As is likely apparent, I’m not entirely sure what the significance of hearing the gun on that evening was, just that I felt it had some significance. It might have merely been human nature. Just looking for something significant on that evening. There was something reassuring about it. Even more so, that I checked my watch even before I had fully realized what it was. Now wondering when I’ll hear it next.


Sending positive thoughts to M, C, D, and their entire amazing family.


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