Second Anniversary Approaches

In less than a week Être ou Avoir will complete two years of existence. With the second anniversary approaching I am reminded that I have not been blogging regularly lately. This is not entirely bad. There has been a lot of life happening lately, and life is more important than a blog. That being said, writing, reading, commenting, pondering, photoging, agreeing, disagreeing; all things that come with blogging, can play a role – even a small role – in life. Taking the time to reflect, and offer up ideas to the world can be one aspect of balance in life. With that in mind I will attempt to bring a little more stability back to Être ou Avoir over the next week. I am not sure if I can promise once a day postings as I did with the first anniversary, but there will at least be more regular postings in the next little while.

I should probably revisit the whole rationale of this thing, and assess whether the venture should keep going. Looking back at the first post can help you and me with this. Yes, you’re involved in this too. Remember, this was meant to be part of a dialogue, not a monologue. Your feedback on direction, purpose, topics, layout, writing style, colour scheme, everything, is always welcome. Amount and type of feedback may also determine whether we keep going. Initially, I’d like to think we can, but a balanced assessment must begin with all options open. Thus, we will see what life has in store for us this week. If there’s a time and place for blogging let it be, if life decides there isn’t, then I am sure you won’t mind.

Hear from you soon no doubt.


One thought on “Second Anniversary Approaches

  1. Okay, okay – let’s jazz this blog up with some exclamation marks! I’m sure you get up to exciting and wonderful things Ian! Like parties with your favourite friends the Coupes!

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