2007 World Press Photos

The 2007 prize wining World Press Photos were announced in February, but I repeatedly put off drawing attention to them. Finally, a few comments about some outstanding photographs.

The entire gallery can be viewed on the World Press Photo site. There is a lot of turmoil and imbalance in most of these photos, and Tim Hetherington’s Grand Prize winner captures both and more. While it isn’t my favourite, it is a shot that conveys emotions and questions. When these two aspects are put forward, both subtely and brazenly, the makings of a great press photo are present.

My personal favourite is Balazs Gardi’s First Prize winner in the Singles category. Words cannot adequately describe the man’s eyes in this shot. Be sure to take note of the eyes of the person in his arms. A good photo has many layers beyond what first captures our attention, and this is just one example. While many of these photos are unsettling, Francesco Zizola has a series of photos that are quite harsh emotionally. While one could say that viewer discretion is advised, I must admit that this photograph stands out from all the others.

These are all photographs of the world we live in. These shots have an impact on us. What impact do we have on the world that gives rise to these photos?


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