Eatmorecords Interview

In February I responded to an interview request from my friend N. He runs both a blog and a website under the brand eatmorecords. I encourage you to check out his blog for awesome music insights, concert reviews and spirited thoughts on the Arsenal Gunners. While the interview took place a couple of months ago, it has just been posted on eatmorecords this week.

As you may know I keep a bit of a lower profile and rarely agree to interview requests. This is the first one in many years that I’ve agreed to in North America. (Good luck trying to find the ones that were published in newspapers overseas). The format of the eatmorecords interview was inspired by the back pages of Vanity Fair. The process has served as a means for N to get to know friends better and I’m a huge advocate of that, so I had a primary reason for responding. I was also keen to help supply content for his burgeoning website as I completely understand the constant search for decent content. I’m posting a link to the interview here as it allows readers of this blog to get a bit of a better sense of Être ou Avoir’s author. I often don’t come straight out with explicit views. Interviews can change that. Admittedly, I do dodge a question or two, and perhaps cloud things more than clear them, but at least there is some content to mull over.

If you would be interested in seeing interviews, or something like this on Être ou Avoir, please let me know. Your comments and follow-up questions to the interview are encouraged. You can write them in the comments section for this blog post here.

Again, it took place in February, and can be found here: IR interview.


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