Quick Update – 04 of 08

Seems like I haven’t blogged in a while. That probably has something to do with the fact that I haven’t. This post will certainly not return me to the realm of true blogging, but there were a few quick things I wanted to make sure were out in the open because in the future they deserve full on posts. Will they get full on posts in the future? That’s the hope, but I also hope you don’t hold your breath…

-While I’ve never been a huge Canuck fan, I’ve always been a ginormous T. Linden fan. It was disappointing to see his final season end the way it did – but special to see him receive such a classy send off. Vancouver fans rightly acknowledged the most influential and positive professional sports figure to ever grace their town.

-How great is it to be back coaching rugby again… simply fantastic. Really helps with the balance thing I’m trying to make happen. You may recall a post about it from a year ago, when the last season started.

-Days getting longer – YES!!

-Go Habs Go!!!

-While I thought Six Feet Under had ruined the rest of television, I hadn’t considered PBS’ Frontline. When they put amazing and quality stuff like that on the television screen you realize the impact the medium can actually have.

-Too much back and forth, controversy here, he said-he said there going in cycling to comment on any of it right now.

-Go Habs Go!


One thought on “Quick Update – 04 of 08

  1. IR – love your blog and wonderings!! I especially love your pics. Glad you are continuing with that as you have an eye. Hope all is well with you. hope to see you soonish.

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