With spring approaching it feels like it might be time to give the ol’ blog a bit of a new look. Over the next couple of weeks or so I’ll take a look at some different colour schemes, and perhaps even some different layouts. Your thoughts on the current layout and any changes you would like to see are welcome. You can also share feedback on things like topics covered, content in the side menus, and what should be featured in the secondary pages. I know D. is still waiting for some topics that were asked for ages ago. All I can say is that I remain committed to writing them… soon. 🙂

It is also somewhat timely to note, that with a new season about to begin, this post is the first of the next hundred postings. Inspiration From Within was the 100th, but I neglected to note its significance. Truth be told, I failed to notice until just a couple of days ago. Also, with spring about to strike I’m going to try being away from the computer for a bit and take advantage of last minute winter activities. I hope you take the time to do the same.

Sport Shorts:
-Congratulations to Wales for capturing the Grand Slam in Six Nations.
-Good work on the part of the gutsy French rider Sylvain Chavanel to capture stage six of the controversial Paris-Nice.
-Go Habs Go!


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