Inspiration from Within

This weekend’s Vancouver Sun featured the second article in an extended two-part series on Jack Orange, a BC man who is coming out of “locked-in syndrome”. I was drawn to the article after recently watching the Diving Bell and the Butterfly. The Academy Award nominated film is a true story about a French man that dealt with the same syndrome following a stroke. Jack Orange was completely paralyzed from the eyes down following his stroke, while his mental functions remain unaffected and in top condition.

Inspiration can come from many places, family, books, music, friends, the list goes on. For inspiration to be effective in providing balance to the challenges we face, it must also come from within. Personal inspiration is necessary to balance against personal challenges.

When I read an excerpt from Pamela Fayerman’s interview with Orange I felt he articulated this belief quite well, and I felt inclined to do a small write-up. She asked: “As you know, there is a movie called The Diving Bell and the Butterfly about a locked in stroke patient… But Hilda [Orange’s wife] says you aren’t really interested in books, stories or movies about others with this type of stroke. Why’s that?”

He answered: “I want to own my own outcome.”

Support from friends (see previous post), family, professionals – a host of people who care is necessary for inspiration. Jack Orange’s simple statement also reminds us that a commitment to and from oneself is also necessary. All the best to him and his family as the recovery continues.
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