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I have been thinking a lot about friendship recently. Actually, it’s a topic I’ve felt as important for some time – as you can no doubt tell from the fact it is one of the secondary topic areas I blog under. I often ponder writing an extended piece for the blog, or even a series of pieces on the theme, or on sub-themes within friendship. In time, no doubt I will. For now, I came across this quote buried away, and it seemed to sum up some of my recent thoughts – although certainly not all of them.

There is one thing better than making a new friend, and that is keeping an old one.
Elmer G. Letterman

Interestingly, Letterman was a big-time insurance broker and best-selling author on books regarding business. His comment sums up the balance I have noticed in recently. There is much to be gained from extending kindness and respect to new people, and acquiring new friends. It’s certainly not something that should be abandoned. However, it is sometimes too easy for us to neglect kindness, respect, being supportive and having an impact in our old friends’ lives. The wonderful thing is, that it often takes only simple things to keep up old friendships. Big things can come from these simple things, if we keep up the simple things.


2 thoughts on “Friendship Quote

  1. I don’t think keeping up old friendships is a simple thing at all. Friendships usually start around common activities or interests – for example, university friends or work friends. But when life changes, as it always does, you end up going separate paths. Keeping in touch becomes more work because you have to find other reasons to be friends. I’m the type who tends to have just a few really good friends; for the usual social friendships, I usually just let the connections die a natural death. I’ve met people who are still friends with someone who sat next to them in grade school, and it astounds me, although I’m sure it must be rewarding to have developed that kind of depth that only time can give.

  2. Eyegillian, I agree that overall it is not a simple thing in itself to keep up old friendships. I just find that it’s the little things – the simple things – we often put-off, or take for granted in friendships, that are necessary to keep the big thing going. They show whether we are genuine or not, ready to follow through on expectations or not.

    Thank-you for your thoughts!!

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