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So this is more of a message than it is a blog posting – my apologies, but hey, you’ll get over it, and I’ll get back to posting… eventually, it’s better that life keeps me busy anyways.

As you know – look on the left – I keep a flickr account for my photos, and it feeds onto the blog here, (again, 10 most recent on your left). I also use the photos directly in some blog postings. Most importantly, flickr is just plain super duper cool, with tons of great photos from regular people (like me) and expert photographers (not me) from all around the world. The point of my little promo here: why are you not a member of flickr yet??? (Ohhh, three question marks, he must be serious).

True, you don’t have to be a member to view most photos (including most of mine – go ahead check them out now here). But, if you have any interest in photography, want to learn a bit more, want to see some amazing shots, want to be a part of a helpful photog community: come on board. On a personal note, some of my photos are now kept private, and only my “contacts” can see them, they don’t show up on the left there. So, if you join, we could become contacts and you could see all of my photos. As a contact you could also view the photos in much larger sizes too.

What? You post photos on facebook? You are aware that when you do that facebook makes a copy, and you automatically grant them the rights to use those photos in pretty much anyway they see fit (its in their terms of use). In other words, you no longer own the rights to those photos. (Remember, the jury on social networking sites is still out: click here for a post a while back on that). But if you want, you could do both, there is a flickr application for facebook.

Back to the point. If you’re in to photography even just a bit, then give flickr a go. It’s free, posting and organizing are easy, you can learn lots of great photo tips, and we could be “flickr friends” and share even more photos.

But of course, even better is getting off the computer, maybe doing a little photoging, and actually interacting in real life – I won’t bother you if you’re doing that rather than joining flickr.


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