Sia at the Media Club

Took in a fantastic show at the Media Club last night. For the first time I saw Sia perform, and she surpassed my high expectations. A strong 13 song set featured mostly new material sprinkled with some familiar favourites. Sia’s voice is an all encompasing and powerful instrument. She captured the ears, consciousness and smiles of the intimate venue and led us away upon her intense vocals. I have been a fan for a little while, but seeing her live for the first time allowed me to develop a whole new appreciation. To top it off, she had a wonderful stage presence that could have suited a venue ten times as large just as easily at it did the confines of the Media Club. I felt the entire set was strong, even as she and the band persevered through some technical mysteries that could have easily detracted from the show, but instead seemed to fit smoothly into the joyful and charismatic atmosphere Sia expunges. My favourites included the glow in the dark opener, Buttons, along with Lentil, Academia, and of course Breathe Me.

What made the night particularly awesome was the great company to complement the outstanding voice and music. I usually try to remember the setlist but I let it go, feeling N would be on top of it – he didn’t disappoint. His taste in music is cutting edge and impeccable. I’m always keen to try singers and bands he recommends. I was glad to finally join him at a concert (hopefully not the last). Check out his thoughts here. Thanks to N, A, T, A, Sia and her band for a wonderful escape of an evening.

Setlist courtesy of eatmorecords:
Little Black Sandals
Day too Soon
The Co-Dependant
Breathe Me
The Girl You Lost to Cocaine
You Have Been Loved
Electric Bird
————— 🙂


2 thoughts on “Sia at the Media Club

  1. I,

    I am glad that you enjoyed the show and that it exceeded your expectations! I am also glad that t and a were able to experience Sia in such a small venue and fully appreciate what it is that she has to offer! Thanks for coming…more shows to follow?…


    ps. hopefully this link will work. it is mp3’s of sia playing at a radio station called kcrw…

    scoll to the bottom and it will show individual song links or on page 2 of the post, there is a link for the whole show in its entirety. the whole show is better quality and includes an interview but obviously its nice to listen to individual songs too!

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