Crawling back to balance.

Wow, have I been away from the blog and photos for a while. I certainly don’t see myself pouring in a ton of new content all of a sudden, but I would like to inch back to doing a few things in my existence that I’ve neglected for a while. Blogging would be one of them, doing many things that don’t involve the computer would be another. This post is to get the blood flowing a bit, warm up the fingers, get the process rolling, and for the two and a half people who actually read this blog, let them know I haven’t fallen off the end of the Earth. To really make sure something is going to happen let’s put a goal down in writing: new content in the next three days. Topics to look for: review of a film or two from film fest, announcing best-of photo group, and the long awaited fear of success (apologies DR).

See you by then.


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