VIFF 2007

The 26th Vancouver International Film Festival opened on Thursday and I am anticipating some great films. As seems to be the trend for the VIFF lately, the two week festival seems heavy with documentaries this year, which suits me just fine. As one can tell from the Doc Quest featured on another page, I think good documentaries are one of the most powerful communication tools of today’s cultures. While most of the doc’s revolve around either the environment or the military conflicts the United States is involved in, there are some from other topic areas that look really good. After reading descriptions for each of the 350 films playing in this year’s festival I came up with a list of 97 that attracted my interest. Due to constraints put on me, such as eating, teeth brushing, employment, and perhaps even sleeping, it doesn’t look like I’ll be able to catch all 97. Thus, as happens every year, I rank them, then see where they can fit into my schedule, and the schedule of my film fest buddies. This is perhaps the best part of the film fest: spending time with other people who enjoy good films.

Check out what the VIFF has to offer at their website: But be careful, you too may get swept into the world of documentaries, subtitles, dark comedies from independent filmmakers, long takes, disturbing plots, and low budget shorts. All the while surrounded by elitist film viewers (don’t call them moviegoers). In the end, it’s all great fun!

-This year’s #1 pick, of the 97 I would like to see: The Green Chain. Look for a review after the viewing.


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