Initial Photo Response

Thanks to those people who have emailed or left comments regarding the photos. I mentioned I was writing down the number of people I thought would respond. I wrote down four, and six people actually replied. For those of you keeping score at home, that’s 50% more than expected. It looks even better when I say: it’s 150% of what was expected. (Means the same thing – you score it anyway you want on your home scoring system). While it was great to get six responses, only four of those people actually told me at least one photograph they would like to see included in IR’s Best Shots (So Far). So, if you’re one of those two people who just commented in general on the photos (I know who you are) you’re more than welcome to come on back and send me a message telling me which shots in particular you think stand out from the rest. As for the rest of you who didn’t bother to send me an email, leave a comment below, or on flickr…. what gives? Were you too busy on facebook? I’m going to leave the door open for a few more days until I assemble the group of best shots so far. If you want to know what this fuss is all about, check out this topic’s initial post.

Here’s another thought to ponder – for both the reader and the writer here. One of you replied back with this statement in response to my claim that I didn’t care much about the photos; I was more interested in the interaction.

Honestly, I don’t think that you “could care less about the photos”. I think you view them as a way of finding balance in your own life and as a way to communicate with others.

To that I say: “could be”.

Only a few days left, check out the photos, check out the guidelines.

-Welcome to Autumn you deceptive season you.


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