Your Say On The First 200 Photos

I have reached the full quota of photos that can be posted on my free flickr account – 200. While I ponder whether or not I should make the leap to a pro account (and have unlimited photos on display) I figure I’ll ask for a little community interaction involving the first 200 shots. I am looking to put together a set of 10-20 photos out of these first 200 that I have made public to the world, and call it IR’s So-Called Best Shots (So Far). That title is a work in progress as well. To do this I’m looking for a little input from you and that other guy that actually read this blog or view the photos. Please have a look at the photostream on flickr, and then let me know which shots you like. There is no limit to how many you select, but I suggest starting with one, and not going over ten (seeing as I’m only going to put 10-20 in the set). But those are just guidelines. You can choose from a variety of methods, ranging in privacy, in order to send me your feedback and to let me know which photo(s) should be included in IR’s So-Called Best Shots (So Far):

  • leave a comment at the bottom of this post
  • email me
  • join flickr (a cool thing to do anyways) and leave a comment on the actual photos there
  • tell me in person

Regardless of the method, please include the title of the photo(s). After that, you’re more than welcome to say more, including why you like the shot, what could be better about it, ideas for future shots, whatever. You can also be honest and let me know if you think it is worth it to go with a pro account and have unlimited photos available for viewing, or stick with this 200 shots and then choose the best. (Clicking on the photos on the left over there also takes you to the photostream)

I saw other people around flickr with sets of photos they call their “best-shots” and I figured it was kind of neat, but why should I be the one to decide the best shots? But remember, the primary purpose of this is to foster a little interaction and friendly discussion, not to make me feel like some uber cool photographer – because I’m well aware that is simply a non-starter. There are no right or wrong responses, and there may not be any shots you like – which is totally cool. The photos and the blog’s posts are meant as pieces of the conversation, to foster more communication – not to stand as the whole communication. If you haven’t figured stuff like that out about this blog, then a little less subtlety may be required 🙂 As the Autumn season kicks into high gear, I know my communities of people I like to interact with get busier and busier, so maybe you see this as the shameless hook it is to generate a little interaction during a time when people drift apart, and realize, in reality I could care less about the photos.

Let’s see how this works. I’m going to write down a number of how many people I think will actually respond in some way. Let’s give it a week or ten days or so. Looking forward to your response.



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