Tuesday Eve, and We’re All In

Tomorrow is Tuesday, and the figurative end of the summer. Labour Day is an odd holiday. For many it marks the end of a season that officially has almost 3 more weeks to go. I have never been truly able to enjoy it as a holiday because it often falls on the eve of beginning a new adventure, or I’m on a recently started adventure abroad and don’t notice its passing (as most of the world celebrates this holiday on the first of May). Instead it stands as this preparatory day, the calm before the storm if you will. There is certainly credence to the history and symbolism of the day, (to be discussed at another time) but for myself, and the community of people I often find myself in, the day marks the eve of new adventures, change, a fresh start, and not a lot of sleep.

For some people the Tuesday after Labour Day will bring momentous change: travel, a new residence, a new job, new commitments to a relationship, or a new school. For others the day will be more subtle, reflecting on a calendar year that is two thirds done. For some there may be a shift in mentality about how the conclusion of the year should be approached. Autumn resolutions may arise, now that Summer and its frivolities are slipping away and a more serious state of being seems to set in with the cooler air. Personally, I have always looked upon the Tuesday after Labour Day as the start of the New Year. The roots of this feeling obviously lie in September being the start of a new school year and a new hockey season – the two calendars that my youth was organised around. Even with both of these factors playing a reduced role in my approach to the future, the feelings of freshness, and adventure, remain prominent at this time of year.

I know many of you will be starting new adventures, or returning to old adventures with new challenges. Some of you will also begin to think about the season and the special holidays ahead and will be assessing relationships and considering the adventures that lie ahead in pairs, with friends, or in families. All this rambling reminds me that we’re all in this together. We’re going to get more out of our adventures, new and old, go further in all our relationships, be keen to try new things, if we contribute to – and rely upon – the communities we build around ourselves.

On Tuesday, or later this week, or later this month, when you are being in, and having a new adventure or experiencing new things, and its getting a bit stressful, or the path looks unclear, or the direction of the relationship uncertain, I hope you remember that you’re not alone. The experiences you are going through are not meant to be conquered alone. The new adventures, the exciting experiences that follow Labour Day can help shape the rest of our “year”, the rest of our lives. It would be silly to think we should be experiencing them alone. When it gets tough (which is exciting) on Tuesday, later this week, month or even year, be ready to turn to someone else in your community, and be ready for them to turn to you. After all, it wouldn’t be much of an adventure if there weren’t other people around.

After all that, we’ll end with a little cheese, as I recall Ben Lee’s song: We’re All In This Together. It’s kind of catchy, kind of cheesy, but it fits – darn that non-threatening pop music 😉 There’s a slideshow that has some neat little images on YouTube using his song.

Have a great Tuesday, no matter where it finds you!! Hope to hear all about your adventures soon.

Coming soon:
-Confirmation of blog’s rationale
-A requested post about the “Fear of Success”
-Decisions about photographs
-La Vuelta


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