World Stats Clock

There hasn’t been anything new posted in the Cool Stuff category for some time. While a few things have crossed my mind, nothing seemed like an obvious choice. That was until a friend sent me a link to a World Stats Clock that updates in real time, from millisecond to millisecond. One small section focuses exclusively on the US, but the most of the information is global. Watching the numbers increase at an amazing rate is a bit of a humbling experience. If you have a look at it, my suggestion is to hit the circular NOW button up at the top, and watch the numbers climb. Unfortunately many of these numbers are can get depressing. I was encouraged though that in 4 minutes 830 new bicycles were rolled out on our globe, compared to only 274 new cars. Hopefully those numbers can get even further apart. Click here to visit the World Stats Clock. Thanks to EC for the link.


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