WordPress Turns 2

A couple of months ago I put up a post about this blog’s first anniversary, and it was filled with optimism and stats. WordPress (WP) just marked their second anniversary with a posting similar in nature. When I decided to begin blogging I signed up with a few different providers and tried a few things out before I first published. After just a few days of exploring behind the scenes with different blog formats, it was obvious to me that WP was the crew to go with. I haven’t regretted the decision at all. Since then, as my knowledge of blogging and hosting has increased exponentially, so has my appreciation for WP. Key words that I could use to describe WP: intuitive, helpful, creative, and understanding. There is also a healthy discourse within the WP community. Even when people are not all pleased with new directions, WP is open to feedback while maintaining a vision.

As I discuss blogging more often with friends, colleagues and aquaintances I am keen to point out the integral role WordPress has played in making my experience worthwhile. I am continually trying to put together a blog that is meaningful to read, pleasing to visit, and invites engagement. WP has continually offered the tools for me to accomplish this. There is a wide and engaging community of bloggers out there, and I encourage you to have a look around, and read some of the fascinating posts. Go to wordpress.com and poke around a bit, find a topic area you like, and have a read.

If you are at all interested in giving blogging a go (you can probably do much better than this one) I encourage you to go with WordPress. I doubt you’ll be disappointed.

Happy 2nd B-Day WP!


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