This is the 3000th time this blog has been viewed – thanks to you. If you are viewing this page right now it is the 3000th time a page or post at Être ou Avoir has been looked at. (Unless of course someone has already beat you too it – check to see if there are any comments). Please leave a comment below to lay claim to the 3000th view, even if it’s just to say “hi”. Go on, just click “No Comment” down there below! You’ll get taken to a new page with the post where you can comment below. Do it! And hey, if there already is a comment, why not let everyone know you’re 3,001. 🙂

I will get around to writing the future direction of this blog soon (as was promised a while ago). The fantastic summer weather has kept me away from the computer – as it should – and blogging isn’t a high priority. Neither should reading things on the computer be for you if the weather is great: get out there!

Still, thanks for reading. More new photos from Valdes will be posted within the next 24 hours as well. Thanks for being patient.


2 thoughts on “3,000?

  1. For real? Good for you! Do keep the blog going, but remember as you search for balance you don’t have to be so serious about it all the time.

  2. It can be quite heartening to realise that people are actually reading as shown by the figures. I’m always fascinated by which posts continue to get the most looks.Keep on posting in year 2.

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