Valdes Photography

A recent little getaway resulted in a multitude of photographs. While most were average or less, a few seemed to capture what I wanted. I really enjoyed sharing my photos from Korea through this blog, and the response tended to be positive. Thus, I will continue to put up photos that are somewhat worthwhile. People’s reactions, questions and proposals for future shots are welcome.

The weather for the trip was unbelievable, and I was fortunate to take in an amazing sunrise (leading to my shadow in this featured photo). While the photos capture fractions of seconds, the entire experience captured offsetting factors in balance. To be on an island without electricity or running water, but to have a digital camera. To feel both relaxed and invigorated as the silent sun rose above the breaking waves. To feel as though one has all the time in the world, but the sunrise will not wait.

Over the next few days I will post more of the photos from Valdes. I hope you get a chance to steal some relaxing and invigorating moments in your summer.

-Tour is well underway, for thoughts on the race go to the corresponding page.


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