One Year Anniversary – Thank You

Being the fifth, and final installment, in a series of every day posts to mark Être ou Avoir’s first year.

On June 28, 2006 Être ou Avoir was born with the posting of the first entry. One year later there are now 63 posts in 20 topic areas. There have been 53 comments made on posts or pages. The record for most views in one day (on GMT) came on June 13, 2006 at 65. Most surprising to me: the blog has been viewed a grand total of 2,789 times in the past year. I never expected such a response, and I thank you, the reader for putting up with me. I have tried to stick to the rationale I set up a year ago, and adapted 6 months ago. Apparently there is some interest in it. Mind you, many blogs get ten times as many (or more) views in one day as I get in a year, but the response has been great. I just hope that people view it as a part of the greater conversation. The search for the fulcrum, trying to find the balance, deciding between Être ou Avoir, or perhaps including both, is not a solitary endeavour. I know the search for balance is a common goal for many, even when not articulated clearly and outright. I challenge all who read this to think more about balance, what it means to you, and what the search might be about. Ultimately, the questions need to be asked – and answered – does the search exist, and does this blog have a place in it? Some early July pondering and conversations will hopefully lead to some sort of answer, and the decision shall follow shortly. If you want in on the discussion, you should know how already: comment here, email me, call me, or get together in person.

Again, I really appreciate people taking the time to read the posts and pages. I am grateful to those who have commented, or emailed, or spoken to me about what I am writing, why I am writing and how I am writing. Blogging has been a great learning opportunity on a few levels, and I thank you, the reader for that. It also created another avenue of contact with friends, when I was on the other side of the world, or when everyone has been crazy busy. I also appreciate all your support with my very amateur photography. The point being, quite simply, this blog just wouldn’t be if it were not for people reading it. It’s not big numbers I am going for, it is consistency. It is all about putting out a piece of the conversation; not replacing actual face-to-face contact, just enhancing it. So far, it has been an enjoyable experience for me, I hope you’ve gotten at least something small out of it in some way. Thanks.

Highlights from the past year on Être ou Avoir

  • most popular blog entry: An Evolving Partnership of Growth (July 17, 2006)
  • 2,789 views of the blog
  • 63 posts, 53 comments, 20 tags (topic areas)
  • 134 photos linked from flickr
  • posts from both sides of the Pacific
  • most page views, 65, coming on June 13, 2006 (not sure why)
  • largest topic area: Balance
  • smallest topic area: Bocce
  • most prolific commenter: Andrea
  • weirdest search engine entry that someone found this blog through: “marriage hockey”
  • usual search engine entries that lead to this blog: “learn avoir” or “learn etre”
  • longest search engine entry that someone found this blog through: “korean words for happy thanksgiving” or “pictures of dedication and determination” (don’t know why for that second one??)

5 thoughts on “One Year Anniversary – Thank You

  1. Interestingly enough, this post has now become the all time most popular entry on this blog. It also spurred a new record for page views in a single day: 108 yesterday! Apparently I got a nice sized number of views from, not sure why exactly, but have one theory that has something to do with me posting close to midnight. Any thoughts anyone? At least it sets the bar early on in year two. Again, thanks to everyone who has helped make the first year a success.

  2. I have no idea how the ‘blog of the moment’ highlighting is picked on WordPress but I’m sure it’s great to have an increase in readers for the 1st anniversary.

  3. Hi Ian!
    Glad to see you left the pub (or should I say pubs) long enough to write a blog entry! I am honoured to hold the title of most prolific commenter – not sure what that says about me…
    Congrats on the end of the year – feels good doesn’t it!
    See you sooner rather than later…
    Andrea 🙂

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