Photo Now Public

Being the third in a series of every day posts to mark Être ou Avoir’s first year.

This was not the planned post for today, but it does fit into the category of photography – something I wanted to blog about this week. is a participatory news gathering site, where members can contribute articles about local, national or international news. Like mainstream media it covers politics, late-breaking events, sports, crime, entertainment, and other topics.

Today, I was asked by one contributor if he could use one of my photos from Korea in his piece. He found the image on my flickr page. The article is on South Korea resuming rice shipments to North Korea, and mentions the North’s recent nuclear tests, an event I was on the peninsula for. To complement his story, Ryan Nadel, requested a number of images of rice fields in Korea, including one of mine. I allowed its use and you can see it on the article’s photo page. The original image first appeared on this blog through my flickr account, and can still be found on flickr. A close-up picture of rice grains, perhaps the best photograph I have yet taken, can also be found on flickr by clicking here.

This connectedness; average people sharing stories, images, articles, news, and opinions is fascinating. It is also another example of Time’s person of the year at work – as noted earlier on this blog. Plus, it gave me an opportunity to include a post tagged with Korea in the anniversary series.


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