First Anniversary Approaches

On June 28th Être ou Avoir,, will be one year old. To mark this rather small milestone I am going to try and post something each day this week. While balance is the main theme of this blog, there are some strong secondary themes, and I will try to write posts that delve into some of the more oft covered ones, including: film, photography, music, sport, cool stuff, cycling, and hmmmm. The first post, which will be posted a few minutes after this one, will also explore a new topic area: friendship. Fittingly, this new topic area stands as the 20th tag by which posts are categorized on this blog.

I will also try to make sure all the secondary pages (About, Currently…, Doc Quest, Zarchives) have fresh content and something remotely interesting for you to check out. I began by making a few changes to About yesterday, if you notice them you’ll get a new treat. New photographs seem in order as well, so I will try to get fresh images up as well.

At the end of the week, a decision will have to be made about the future of the blog, as the updated rationale was to serve only until this point. As always, your comments and questions are encouraged and appreciated. They can be on anything: content, posts, pictures, the colour scheme of the blog, the layout, and most importantly, whether or not this blog should continue. I’ve said it before, what is posted here are just small pieces of the conversation. The rest needs to be taken up through your comments, in emails, on the phone, or best of all, in person. I look forward to it.


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