Melting Interest

Some friends gathered Saturday evening for BBQ, chatting, drinks, bocce, and general relaxation. It was a great get together and I was able to see some people that I had not connected with for some time. Saturday was also the evening for game two of the Senators-Sabres series. While the game was on, those of one sex were fixated on the television, while those of another sex were circled in the living room. However, as the game went on, and eventually slipped into overtime, my interest completely waned. I was much more keen to kick around the football, play a little bocce and engage in conversation. This drew questioning from one of the hosts. He mentioned, of everyone assembled he thought I would be the most keen on watching the game, given my background. I responded that my background in hockey is in fact the reason I begin to avoid it this time of year. After spending years of thinking and being involved in hockey year round it now seems unbalanced to be focused on the ice once May rolls around. Admittedly I do not engage in full-on abstinence once the days grow longer. Rather, I merely keep in touch with the latest on-ice information, and then engage in activities, conversations and relationships that bring a lot more joy and balance to my life in the spring and summer months. A few weeks ago I had a conversation with an old friend (one I never would have met if not for hockey) about how little we now see the rink in comparison to the past. Quite frankly, I never thought I would reach this casual interest in something like the Stanley Cup play-offs. Yet now that I have, it seems like the only way to go. Hockey is fantastic, it brings me joy, pain, smiles, frustration, exertion, and relaxation. These aspects are so very important to my balanced life. There is nothing that I engage in that frees my mind and body so completely at the same time. At the same time, it’s only balanced to realize that hockey’s not that important, it’s the ingredients.

Get out and enjoy the sun.


One thought on “Melting Interest

  1. Hey hey,

    This really isn’t a comment for this entry although I say good for you for getting yourself off that couch and out rollin’ those balls. I was going to comment on your photos. I do have a flicker account but can’t remember at the moment my password and all that jazz. I really loved your paddle shot and ferry ride, great shots. See ya Saturday!


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