New Little Buddy

On Easter Monday a new little buddy of mine made her entrance into life. This is the third child for some great friends of mine and they deserve some recognition for their awesomeness in parenting. By most standards they are still relatively young parents, but I have witnessed wisdom and skills that transcends their years. As I held my new little buddy for the first time I recalled how nervous I was when I held their oldest child for the first time. I can barely imagine what they were feeling back then. As I carried on an intense conversation with their new baby, and felt at ease carrying her around I realized, how much more balanced I was around this infant. The balance my friends have achieved as the parents of three young children is nothing short of remarkable.There are politicians who balance constituents, families, parties and power. There are sports stars who balance fitness, fame, money and winning. There are professionals who balance ethics, overtime, and helping others. But balancing the upbringing of three very young lives is not out of place in these comparisons. As parents, if one is completely dedicated to being a good person, this balance is achievable – and so there lies the connection to past posts: the question about leading a good life. While engaging as a playmate of my good friends children – a joyful experience in itself – I have witnessed a yes: it is enough to be a good person. I see three little children who stand an excellent chance of changing the world they live in, the world we all live in, thanks to simple, and balanced, dedication to kind and caring parenting. Their parents put all of their efforts into being good people in front of, around, and for their children. It is difficult to imagine a better way to bring balance to the world than by constructing lives that will serve as fulcrums of kindness and caring. These foundations of politeness, respect, and patience do not grow magically, they cannot be inserted with ease later in life. They are developed and refined by parents just being good people – all the time.

My heartfelt congratulations go out to C & D. I’m excited about having another little buddy to by books for and play with. Fair warning though, I will continue to corrupt them in all the good ways, including my attempts to turn them into Habs fans. 🙂

Felicitations C & D et M, C, & S.


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