Spring Cleaning

With the arrival of Spring, and having a bit of a breather from work I have updated almost every part of this blog:

  • The secondary pages (About, Currently…, Doc Quest) have all received recent updates. More specifically, the “Author” page has been rewritten and renamed “About“. If you are interested in what happens on those pages then keep an eye on them, because I do update them without posting about it on the main page.
  • A bunch of new photos on the left, likely the last snow pictures for a while. My favourites are the Whiskey Jack on my hand, and Snow Trees.
  • The Snap preview for links has been disabled. About a month ago I asked for feedback on this feature which gives you a mini-preview of linked websites and there was only one response: negative. I was never really sold on it either, so it’s been axed for now. I’m always open to change so it could come back, and if you have thoughts on it please let me know – I do respond to feedback.
  • I was experimenting with different presentation themes, but haven’t found one I find as pleasing as the current Andreas theme. I’ve changed the colours – just because of the change of seasons and all. Please give feedback.

I hope you have had a great start to Spring.


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