Birthplace of the Winds

Out of the four films I took in last night it was the most subtle, and shortest that lodged deeply in my thoughts.The feature presentation at the Mountain Film Festival Wednesday was Beyond the Horizon, chronicling a 2 year human-powered trek across the globe. Aspects of that adventure included months of cycling and trekking across north eastern Russia (the coldest area in the northern hemisphere) and rowing for 5 months to get across the Atlantic. However, it was the short film, Birthplace of the Winds, that had my senses completely fixed upon the screen and my thoughts on what my own future adventures.

Four men travelled to one of the most remote areas of the earth, the Islands of Four Mountains within the Aleutian Islands. They kayaked between the islands (during ridiculously dangerous conditions) and climbed some of the volcanic peaks. These islands were outstanding; mountains thrusting out from the sea, topped with pristine snow and flecked with volcanic ash. The film was well done, and one could sense the isolation of the area and the uniqueness of the adventure. A dangerous film for my mind, because it fixes my thoughts on ideas that become consuming: putting a trip together, planning the next adventure, avoiding work, choosing paths and destinations, avoiding work, considering how it can all come together, how long should I go for, do I want an outdoor-isolation adventure or a metropolitan-culture adventure, avoiding work.

A little research on the ol’ world wide web reveals that there might be a book by the same name, chronicling this kayak trip. If anyone has heard of it or read it, let me know your thoughts – mine are consumed with avoiding work.


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