Birthday Cards

January and February seem to hold a fair number of birth-dates for people I know. Which means I payed a visit to ye olde birthday card shoppe the other day. If I am taking the time to get a card for someone, I want it to be more than a card that just says “Happy Birthday”. Usually I am looking for something that screams subtle humour (makes sense… right?), or something meaningful without being sappy. The problem is, that the clever cards are few and far between. Whoever writes cards must be under some sort of three minute deadline to come up with the lamest expressions, and make as many of them twelve year old boy humour as possible.

This problem is extenuated when many of the decent cards are obviously targeted at women. That is they appear to be designed to be bought by women and given to women. Now, this is fine, only it leaves me with fewer and fewer options each time I go searching. Apparently, those in the birthday card industry think most men are not interested in decent cards.

Perhaps this hasn’t been all bad. More and more I end up using blank cards for birth-dates, weddings, anniversaries, births and for all manner of celebrations. After-all, if you really want to communicate with someone, there is nothing better than your own words. At least they’ll be better than twelve year old boy humour.

-I’ll get back to some more worthwhile blog postings very soon – this filler stage is not a permanent fixture.
-Some big teams (and therefore big names) will be getting the season rolling at the Tour of California soon.


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