Controlled Deflation

“Deflation” can be such a depressing word. In newspeak fashion one can add the word “controlled” in hopes everyone will feel okay about a controlled deflation. However, when you use the term controlled deflation it implies there is something far worse which could have happened – like a chaotic deflation. Or that the deflation could have been prevented – this time it was all under control apparently. Personally, I consider the manner in which I compact and roll my therma-rest to be a controlled deflation.

Am I alone in thinking the controlled deflation of BC Place Stadium is becoming a bigger news story than need be? Weather is a powerful force. This event is not beyond imagination, as some media inform us. Also, there are a lot worse things that weather can do (not to mention horrible things people do anyway). But then again, what are the needs of a news story?

Got to admit though, there’s some pretty interesting footage out there.


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