Balance into 2007

Following my return from Korea I have had some conversations about the future of this blog. Writing about life in Korea was not part of the rationale justifying this space. The adventure in North East Asia was simply the catalyst to get going on it. The four points Être ou Avoir was founded on are still relevant even though I am back in Canada. The details are in the original post, but in summary the rationale is:
-become a better writer
-discuss balance, and the struggle many of us are in to find it
-stay close to current on how information is shared
-share cool stuff that I come across our people point out to me

While many of the posts here have been about Korea the prevailing theme attempted has been balance. There was an honest attempt to write about experiences, opinions or impressions that dealt with balance. This will continue to be the focus of the blog, at least for the time being. I have decided to continue with Être ou Avoir for at least another six months, and focus on the search for the elusive fulcrum – as I sometimes term the struggle for balance.

However, this blog is not intended to be a one way stream of communication. Nor, is it meant to be the sole means of communication on the issues brought up. As mentioned in previous posts, this is not the place for journal entries. This is a public space and posts are not intended to be stand alone entities either. My goal is for this place to hold pieces of conversations – conversations that are meant to continue, and evolve, here or elsewhere (hopefully in person with some people). That means there is a bit of onus on the reader. A conversation needs back and forth. Comments are always welcomed. If you prefer email or phone that’s okay. Better yet, if we can, let’s get together and continue the conversation as people should – face to face. But it begins with comment in some form. I have a hard time believing my thoughts and posts could ever be definitive. How this blog serves in communication will factor in to the decision about its future in June.

Personally, I am about to enter a stretch where my life will be completely unbalanced. I begin a new job in January that I will be giving a lot of myself to. I take some consolation in that I am aware of the unstable scenario I am heading towards. Further, it will be important to keep in mind that I am in control, and I give a lot of myself to the experience rather than the experience taking a lot from me. Hopefully this blog can bring a bit of balance in being something to do that is separate from my work.

So, bring on the New Year, and new adventures. After all, that’s how I’m actually looking at this new job. It’s the next adventure and I will bring what I have learned from my past adventures, and get the most out of this one. I hope you have some adventures in store for the New Year.

Hoping that you have a balanced 2007. Hear from you soon no doubt,

-Should have some new photos up from a great little overnighter in the snow with some friends.


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