Little Extras

As my time in Korea quickly comes to a close I look back on the experiences that made it a success. The most important ingredient in making this adventure a great one has been the people I have met, but there will be more to say on that later.

One of the everyday things that has made Korea unique to me, and that I am going to miss is the Little Extras. When I go to the market, the woman at the fruit stall will throw a couple more oranges into my bag after I’ve paid. When I go to the grocery, store the clerk will ignore all others waiting in line to run back and get me something with a better expiration date. When I eat out, the patron will come along with an extra dish, dessert, coffee, pop or something else – on the house. When I eat in the cafeteria, the cooks always make sure I get an extra dessert. When I’m in a car visiting a gas station, everyone is offered coffee, tea or a little prize.

All of these little gestures are delivered with a big smile and an honest appreciation of your business. The other night when we had a wrap-up party with students the patron – a wonderful older woman – was working alone to cook and serve for us and she made up two extra dishes. I’ll miss these little gestures, these honest signs that people care about your enjoyment while at their establishments.

-I racked up big scores at Norebang the other night – lots of fun.
-That’s a karaoke room for the uninitiatied 🙂
-Some good final skates with the Daejeon Gold Eagles Ice Hockey Club Team – including a victory over Suwon.
-I’m no Gumdo master, but it was fun.
-Again, congratulations to you! (see previous post)


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