Striking Entertainment

The five week student strike at CNUE will come to an end tomorrow. For more than a month now it has been a challenge to fill the time. A completely unbalanced schedule has meant a lot of time to explore, eat Korean food, read, and watch films. Through no conscious plan, two distinctive parts of my entertainment have been Canadian literature and Korean films. Fortunately, the works I have read and watched have been good, and I recommend them, particularly The King and the Clown.

I have been quite impressed with Korean cinema and will be sure to explore it more, during my remaining time in Korea, and when I return home. While certain instances in the past have put me off of Canadian literature, the recent offerings I have digested are beginning to turn the tide. Apparently it only takes a spell in Korea to renew interest for Canadian writing.

-Details of recent books and films are here.
-What’s not to like about candles on all celebratory cakes – not just birthday ones?
-Yes, it’s cold.


4 thoughts on “Striking Entertainment

  1. Now, I distinctly remember informing you of my participation in a 200-level Canadian Literature class, to which your response was: “Nobody can read that much Margaret Atwood”. What were the off-putting experiences with Canadian Literature? I tend to think of it like an acquired taste — your first reaction is to spit it out, but if you make it through a couple you’ll be more willing to try another one in the future.

  2. The primary off-putting experience was likely first year English. However, that was about a decade ago – so what’s my excuse been lately? There’s just so much out there to digest and you get pulled into reading patterns. Nothing really pulled me in to reading more than one Can-Lit in a row until recently.

  3. I hate that the only thing I have to comment on is your photos but that’s what my comment is about today. I love your most recent ones. Are they all up in arms over no coffee crisp? Frankly I wouldn’t protest that much over it but that’s me. How come no photos of you??? Don’t you know how to turn the damn thing around at point it at you??? I say it with love 🙂

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