Photography has played a prominent role during my time in Korea. While I have long been a strong photog admirer and always enjoy taking pics, my own skills are rather rudimentary. Korea has been my first adventure to be documented digitally. I will always be a fan of film, but the jump to zeroes and ones has given my relationship with the camera new life and allowed me to experiment in new ways. I know I will look back fondly on the plethora of Korean experiences: mountains, beaches, arts, culture, food and new friends. However, this adventure will also stand out for its photographic rediscoveries. Ive been able to find again:
-the little joy of searching out a different angle,
-the quirkiness in pondering how much of a beautiful scene my primitive skills can actually capture,
-the fun of imagining how a group of shots might flow to music.

However, my sharp increase in photo count has also renewed a balance issue. Is there a point where one stops being in the moment and becomes separated into trying to have a picture of the moment without actually experiencing it? On occasion I have felt this question begin to nag. Sometimes what my own eye is capturing, the sounds I am hearing, the smells being taken in and the feeling of the moment can only be captured and held together by me not the camera. Thus, sometimes I put the camera away. The recollection of some moments, scenes, sights or experiences will only be found in my memory and stories, and not in any photo.

Overall, photography has been a wonderful memory of Korea so far. I see it continuing for the duration, and in adventures to come.
Visit here for a small selection of the photos I’ve taken.
-Big thanks go to A & A who provided valuable advice on purchasing a new camera. I feel fortunate, firstly to know such great people, and also to know them as amazing photographers. I hope that one day, I can pick up even a fraction of their skills. Check out one of them here.


2 thoughts on “Ko-Photog

  1. Hi Ian,

    I am counting your exclamation marks and I am a little disappointed! Are you having a super fun time?! I am enjoying your emails but I need an exclamation mark! Take care and I hope you are well – can’t wait to see you – get ready for a Danish x-mas celebration when you get back…
    Andrea 🙂

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