Dedication to Balance

One of the founding reasons of this space was to promote the discussion of balance. Two videos that have recently come to my attention highlight not only physical balance, but also the creation of what seem to be well balanced individuals. These videos, and more importantly these two men, have been out there for a while. They’re new to me, and since another reason for this space is to share interesting things found I have included them here.

Their abilities, strength and balance are simply incredible feats and stand as exceptional on all levels – without crutches. More than the moves, I am truly impressed by their obvious dedication and determination to practice and refinement. Many individuals possess abilities that could be exceptional; some even possess ambition for the exceptional. However, only a few seem to carry the dedication and determination to make the abilities and ambition reality. Perhaps the greatest barriers to our own balance, and ultimately our own flow, are the barriers we create, rather than the ones we encounter. These two seem to have made short work of the ones they encountered.

For now I’ll arbitrarily put Patuelli’s below. Click on their names for the videos (and make them full screen): Luca Patuelli and Bill Shannon. Thanks to Loren who brought these to my attention.


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