After a hard day of hiking, what is one to do…
but drink Dong-dong-ju!


This particular bowl of Dong-dong-ju was average , but it held
us over until we reached the next outdoor restaurant which
supplied quantities of the quality that makes this far and away
Korea’s best drink.

Take note:
-New photos posted on the left.
-Let me know if you are up to anything cool for Halloween. We are going to try celebrating this strange North American custom and if you don’t mind sending photos or stories we’ll put them to use.

more dongdongju


4 thoughts on “Dong-dong-ju

  1. The taste is subtle boldness… or perhaps bold subtlety. 🙂 The taste is unique, and the next time I have it I will try to do a better job of categorizing it. It’s fermented rice wine, if that means anything. But so far, here’s what I might say:
    -good Dong-dong-ju in my opinion is slightly milky in texture
    -has a hint of being sour, yet with a tinge of sweetness.
    -has just the right ammount of subtle carbonation (perhaps the root of my initial comments).
    -brings memories of rum and egg nog, but tastes nothing like rum and egg nog.
    -a dash of crazy is probably thrown in as well.

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