Woraksan 월악산

Hiking is popular in Korea, and autumn seems the perfect time to head to the hills. The pinnacle of a fantastic weekend was reaching the top of Woraksan. While the trail was easy to follow, the hike was an excellent physical challenge. During the descent we were treated with fantastic vistas I will share soon.

The construction and maintenance of the trail was impressive. Laying within Woraksan National park the mountain was obviously well visited. The planning, labour and time necessary to scout the route, move rocks, build stairs, and post exemplary signage was obviously extensive. These measures are to be found throughout Korea and they allow for easy access to nearly all of the countrys highest peaks. One could argue the constructed trail detracts from the experience, and distorts the natural terrain. This should be balanced with the fact Korea is densely populated and people have access to only small areas of land in comparison to some other areas of the world. In Canada for example, numerous types of trails are in countless places. This is not feasible in Korea if people are going to be allowed access.

Koreans take full advantage of the parks resources and their personal preparedness overshadowed most in our party. While we certainly had all the necessities, we were outdone in comparison to the boots, pants, shirts, vests, sweaters, hats, gloves, walking sticks, and packs of all others on the mountain. Having given up on the Grouse Grind because of the state of those congesting the trail, it was comforting to see everyone on the mountain understand what they were getting into, and coming prepared accordingly. Actually, the average Korean hiker comes with plenty of extras. Lunches are hearty, detailed, and likely include celebratory refreshments.

The other endeavors of the weekend were fabulous as well. Korean hospitality throughout was again – absolutely amazing. I hope to post photos soon.

Thanks to Cam, whose birthday was the catalyst for the whole event, and to all those in our Workasan party for their special efforts.

-We searched Worak mountain in vain for the legendary Goral.

-Happy National Foundation Day (today in Korea).
추석 잘 보내세요 (Happy Chuseok. Korean thanksgiving is later this week.)
-Season opens in Buffalo on Friday: Go Habs Go


3 thoughts on “Woraksan 월악산

  1. Wow! It sounds amazing! I am making up for all the exclamation marks you don’t use! Although now my initial comments sound sarcastic! They aren’t!
    Andrea 🙂

  2. Hey,

    I’m a late bloomer to your site here. Amazing photos though. It’s so pretty, all the colours. I have taken down your address so I will stop asking you for it. Keep up the photos and updates.


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