The Colours of Korea

Arriving in late summer I found Korea to be a vivid collection of many different greens. Trees, hills, gardens, water, and insects are a few of the integral pieces to the refreshing green kaleidoscope. Other colours have hinted at their presence along the way. From red peppers hidden amongst the leaves, or a yellow butterfly flirting on a flower, these subtleties are a brilliant contrast to the green. In addition to natural displays, the colours on traditional buildings are stunning and detailed. As autumn picks up speed I have confidence Korea will remain colourful, only that the focus of these colours will change. While I will miss the greens, I look forward to the reds, yellows and oranges that are being hinted at.

A few of the new photographs I just posted (as well as previous ones) capture some of these colours. Seven of the twelve or so are shown on the left. (With new one’s posted these have gotten pushed down.) Click on “more photos” to see them all. I have taken many others as well, but they will have to wait to be shared. There are also some boring pictures of my apartment because there were some specific requests for these shots (Im looking mainly at you Chris). I also threw in a picture of one of my neighbours.

-Tennis on a dirt court is a different game.
-Please feel free to leave comments or questions about the photos here on the blog or directly on flickr. If you want to leave comments on flickr you need to be a member, but it’s free to sign-up, and a cool place to post your own shots.
-Vinokourov did spring an attack at the worlds, but the strong Italian team held the race together for the favoured (and deserved) Bettini to take the win.
-Favourite advertising slogan: “Fresh Taste Keeping System”. As featured on cans and bottles of Hite beer.


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