The adventure that spurred the creation of this space kicks into full gear on Monday with the departure to South Korea. I will spend the next four months kicking around Cheongju National University of Education. Seeing as I’m working at a university I won’t be able to escape the computer or the world wide web. To escape work while at the computer I’ll likely post here from time to time. Questions or comments about life in South Korea can be left in the comments (down there, where it probably says “no comments”), or if you know my email go ahead and use that as well.

However, nothing’s better than real mail – still retaining in me the excitement it did when I was nine. (In many ways I still am nine, so no surprise really). If I get my own mail address I’ll post it as well.

With many experiences and adventures commencing in the Fall it always seems more appropriate to mark September as the beginning of another cycle. Thus, have a great start to the year. I look forward to hearing about your adventures and we’ll see you all soon no doubt.

Monday also marks the 43rd anniversary of one of the greatest speeches – always worth another listen or read.


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