A place to ponder the elusive fulcrum.

On the cusp of starting a new adventure the decision was made to try something else new along with it. An adventure can be the spark that motivates one to try things that have been smouldering under the pretence: “I’ll get to that later”. Later has come, and here begins an attempt at a blog that will perhaps be a bit more than horrendous. Along with this spark I still required a bit of a rationale to begin this little space, as quite honestly I would rather be doing a lot of other things I find more meaningful, enjoyable and productive than typing away at a computer. Just a few for example:

Close to Flow Camp is set Faith and I Bocce shot

Unfortunately I have not yet reached the point where I can always be engaged in activities and advenutres like those above, and so I find myself around a computer more than I’d like. But with a sound rationale, delving out my thoughts here from time to time just might be a worthwhile endeavour. Why:

  • Trying to become a better writer. (In some ways I can’t get much worse).
  • Create an open avenue to ponder the elusive fulcrum. Investigating the struggle for balance, and trying to find that balance, is something I get keen on. Whether it’s balance amongst peoples, nations, communities, families, self… whether it’s balance culturally, politically, economically, socially, or otherwise. Hopefully some ideas about where this balance exists (globally and personally) and how it can be achieved can be brought up here. Perhaps what we’re really getting at here is flow.
  • Further an inquiry into the cultural evolution of information sharing – which began with my recent work in computer science – by learning about and trying new capabilities as they become available. (Play technological catch-up).
  • Every now and then I come across something really cool (website, essay, book, film, etc), or potentially thought provoking and I would like to share it with those people who I try to provoke thought in (sometimes I just provoke them) 🙂 This can be a point for fun sharing.

So there’s a bit of blah, blah, blah, likely a weak attempt at some high minded rationalization of this space. But I think it’s always a good idea to ask why one is doing something. If there isn’t a good answer, then get on with other things to be done. This will certainly not be a place where a detailed journal of my life is kept. I am well aware that no reader will be interested in some sort of reality TV show play-by-play, there are certainly too many other spots already out there for that, and my reality could never be that exciting. Of course I will be mentioning personal experiences. Perhaps some people will be checking here to see updates of the adventure I am on.

In short I’d like to practice my writing, I’d like to toss around more ideas about balance and flow (and get some ideas back), this tool can help keep my computer know-how somewhat up-to-date, and it can be a place to share.

So three remaining points:

  • Why WordPress? I’ve been doing a bit of poking around at weblog sites and this one just seemed to stand-out, yet in a subtle way. I like that. The options, the multiple pages, the ability to arrange links, RSS feeds, the choice of templates (something I will no doubt struggle with), it just seemed like a good fit.
  • The colour scheme and layout: are experimental at this point. Obviously restricted by the fact this is a free service and I am choosing from what is available.
  • The title: Être ou Avoir (To Be or To Have). I threw around a few different titles, but landed with this one in the end. It is inspired by the 2002 Nicholas Philibert documentary Être et Avoir, one of the best documentaries I have seen. I was trying to come up with something that spoke about balance, yet in a different way. A bit meaningful, and a bit quirky at the same time. It draws on some elements of my past: being inspired by an educational documentary, and being in French. In the end though, it’s about moving forward with balance. Being something or having something, being somewhere or having somewhere, being with someone or having someone? OR is it a combination of each comparison?

The name might change, the colours and layout probably will, who knows if anyone will actually read it, and who knows how long it will last? It’s not all that super important, and if things like those pictured above, or similar, are calling then they are definitely more important than me typing something here or throwing up another link.

Feedback is always appreciated, as are thoughts and questions in response to thoughts seen here. I don’t think the fulcrum will be found alone.

Hear from you soon no doubt,


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